About Us

When Wish for It co-founder Sarah Hoffman was planning her wedding in 2013, she realised that she didn't really need another platter or vase, but what she really wanted was help buying the "big stuff" like a sofa, a dining room table or even help putting a deposit down on a first house. She thought - Wouldn't it be great if instead of multiple small gifts, her wedding guests could contribute towards the things that her and her husband really needed but which were too costly to receive from one person?

Around the same time, Wish for It co-founder Natasha Friend was turning 30 and had her eye on a beautiful but rather costly handbag. When all Natasha's friends asked what she wanted for her birthday, she felt strange asking for money towards her dream bag. Tash thought that if she had some online profile which captured the things she really wanted, her friends would easily be able to contribute towards her bag, and she wouldn't feel strange asking for cash. Natasha was also in the process of moving houses and didn't quite know how to politely tell her family members to stop buying her pot plants and rather use that money on things she really wanted and needed for her house.

And so...over a dinner conversation around weddings, handbags, and pot plants, Wish for It was born.